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Mysore is one of the very famous tourist destinations in Indian map. This south Indian city was formerly the capital of Wodeyar dynasty who ruled the kingdom of Mysore from 1399 to 1947 AD. The majestic amba vilas palace built by Wodeyars is one of the most visited historical site after Taj Mahal in India. To add to that there are many other palaces in the city which have been either converted to museums or  government offices, nevertheless the city is also called as City of Palaces.  Apart from having historical significance, the city of Mysore is also known as a educational hub. There are many foriegn nationals who come to mysore for learning. Mysore is a popular yoga destination too. Perphaps this page would not be sufficient for us to go into details of the tourist destinations in and around Mysore. If you are done with Mysore, there are much more than it around Mysore, infact the tagline of Karnataka tourism is “One state Many worlds”. You can catch up with further details at Karnataka Tourism.

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These are few of the tourist places at Mysore


1. Mysore Palace

For further details on mysore palace please click here

2. Mysore Zoo

For further info click here

3. Karanji Lake

Click here for info on Karanji Lake


4.Chamundi Hill

A view from Chamundi hills

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