Are Bleeding Gums Normal?

Are bleeding gums normal?

Absolutely not. Just like how bleeding from nose, eyes, ears or other parts of the body is not normal, bleeding from gums is also not normal.

Bleeding gums are the first signs of gum disease. Many a time people notice bleeding while brushing their teeth or while chewing or biting on hard food. However, they tend to ignore it presuming it to be normal. It is only when they develop pain or when the teeth become mobile, they are alarmed about the condition and seek treatment

Why does gums bleed?

There are numerous bacteria present in our mouth. Of these many are helpful bacteria while some are harmful. Among these harmful bacteria, some may cause tooth decay and some may cause gum diseases. When you brush your teeth properly these bacteria are removed from the tooth surface and there by avoiding any dental disease. However, if you don’t brush properly then it remains on the tooth surface and enter into the gums. Now that it has entered the gums, your body will initially respond and try to kill these bacteria, in this process the gums get swollen and become red which is called as gum inflammation (gingivitis). It is at this stage the gums bleed. During this time the individual may not experience any pain or may experience very mild pain.

What happens if bleeding gums are ignored?

Initial stages of gum disease(gingivitis) are reversible. However, if it is left untreated may lead to a condition called as periodontitis which is much more severe form of the gum disease. In periodontitis the bones of the jaw which support the teeth are gradually destroyed resulting in weakening of the teeth and ultimately loosening of the teeth. If the bone loss is very severe the teeth may fall off or we may need to extract the teeth. There will be pus formation and bad odor from the mouth.

What should you do when you notice bleeding from gums?

Visit your dentist at the earliest, even if you do not experience any pain. You may just require a round of thorough cleaning, if the gum disease is in initial stage. After cleaning, your dentist would teach you the correct method of brushing the teeth and techniques to clean in between the teeth so that you can maintain good oral hygiene.

Can it be treated if the gum disease has been advanced to next stage (periodontitis)?

Yes, it can be treated. Your dentist will refer you to gum specialist (Periodontist) if the gum disease is progressed to periodontitis. Periodontist will assess the severity of the gum disease and plan the treatment accordingly. In very severe cases treatment may not be possible and the effected tooth may have to be extracted in order to prevent the disease from spreading to other areas. 

Are there any other conditions which can result in gum bleeding?

Though the primary cause of gum bleeding is poor oral hygiene and gum disease, there can be other conditions like vitamin c deficiencies and certain blood diseases like leukemia which can cause bleeding gums. Bleeding can also increase in pregnancy due to increase in hormonal levels.

Is there treatment available at Dental Planet for bleeding gums?

Yes, Our chief Dentist Dr.Avinash BS is a Periodontist and is specialized in treating gum diseases. You can book an appointment with him here.

Where is Dental Planet located?

Dental Planet is located at Kalidasa Road, Mysore, near Kangaroo Hospital. 

Should we take prior appointment before visiting the clinic?

Yes, it is always preferable to take appointment before visiting the clinic so that waiting time can be minimized.

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