Orthodontic Treatment/Braces Treatment.

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What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment otherwise known as braces treatment is done to straighten the irregularly placed teeth.

What are the types of braces available?

There are many types of braces available. Of these, we have listed a few below.

Metal braces:

These are the most popular one and most commonly used braces.

Ceramic braces:

These are tooth-coloured braces which mimic the tooth-colour, and hence when these are fixed on the teeth it will not be visible very much.

Lingual braces:

Generally braces are placed on the outer surfaces of the teeth, whereas the lingual braces are placed on the inner aspect of the teeth and will not be visible to others. However, it may cause difficulty in having food and in speech.

Self Ligating braces:

When the braces are placed on the teeth, small rubber bands which are called modules are placed to secure the wire which is attached to the braces. In self-ligating braces the modules are not placed, instead, there are locks which automatically engages the wire and holds it together. This saves time to dentist and treatment can be done faster. Self-ligating braces are available in metal and ceramic

Clear Aligners:

These are invisible braces which when worn are not seen to others. There would be a set of aligners which would need to be worn for a stipulated duration of time. The advantages of these are these are invisible and no one gets to know that you are wearing braces. Since it is removable you can remove and have your food without fear of food getting trapped between braces or breaking the braces. It is more hygienic and much faster treatment is possible with this kind of braces. The popular brands are Invisalign, Clearpath, ODS aligners, Clearcorrect etc. Of all these Invisalign is quite popular and offers the best results.

How long does it take for the orthodontic treatment to get completed?

Any orthodontic treatment would take about 12 months to 24 months to be completed. However, the duration taken may vary depending on the complexity and severity of the condition. Some systems like aligners and self-ligating braces may take lesser time than the conventional braces.

Do we have to always remove the teeth before braces treatment?

We may not have to remove the teeth always. Only in cases of severe crowding of teeth, we may have to remove some teeth in order to create space for the other teeth to be aligned properly.

Which specialist does Orthodontic treatment?

An orthodontist is a specialist doctor who does orthodontic treatment. For performing aligner treatment the orthodontist needs to be specially trained in the aligner system. Our Orthodontist Dr.Bhagyalakshmi is trained, Invisalign provider

Do you have more questions?

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