Bridal Dentistry

Bridal Dentistry 

Bridal dentistry is a relatively new term. However, it is in practice for many years. The correct term would be wedding dentistry. How many times have you seen the bride or a groom on their wedding day hesitating to smile for a photograph because her/his teeth have a gap between or he/she has stained teeth? Even if they happen to smile, the compromised esthetics would haunt them throughout their life when they see their wedding album. Wedding dentistry would allow us to help you in getting that perfect smile before your wedding and spare you from the embarrassment. You can smile your heart out and pose for the pictures and let the photographer capture the golden moments of your life. 


Here are few FAQs on Bridal Dentistry

1. How is bridal dentistry different from any other dental treatment packages? why the special tag? How new or old is this concept?

Bridal dentistry is, of course, different from routine dental treatments, as the name suggests it mainly focuses on the smile enhancement of bride to be for the special occasion in the shortest possible time. Everyone wants to look good and more so ever when you are in focus.  The pictures taken on the wedding day will make a lifelong memory. Apart from the other accessories that make the bride look beautiful, a good smile is too an essential component. though there are many procedures which dentists have been performing to improve one’s smile, bridal dentistry is one concept where all these procedures are integrated to give a comprehensive solution to get a beautiful smile. The procedures are the same, but the concept of integrated treatment is new. 

2. Is it only for marketing or something special goes under it?

We must confess it is partly for marketing because the procedures are not new and as mentioned earlier it is the integration of the aesthetic dental procedures which makes the difference. if I explain the procedures individually, for example, recontouring of gums, probably very few would understand the importance of it and how it helps to improve the smile, whereas when I explain these procedures under the concept of Bridal dentistry it would be easy to convince. 

3. What are the different treatments offered under this package?

There are a wide range of procedures which can be performed in this package ranging from simple cleaning of the teeth, reshaping of teeth and gums, teeth whitening to much more complex treatments like orthodontic correction (braces) provided time permits. Most of the time people turn up when the wedding is just a few days ahead. In such an event we will be able to do only certain procedures. 

4.How popular is it in India?

People living in metros are pretty much aware of bridal dentistry, however, in second-tier cities, it is yet to gain popularity, but it is picking up fast as people do a lot of internet search and enquire specifically about bridal dental procedures. 

5. What kind of cosmetic surgeries are done? what are the things that can go wrong? risks? disadvantages?

As mentioned earlier, there are a wide range of procedures that can be performed like gummy smile correction, lip repositioning, and sometimes complicated procedures like orthognathic surgeries. Most of the procedures barring a few are noninvasive and will have minimal risk. the biggest risk is of course not meeting patient’s expectation. we try to gather information from the patient what exactly they are looking for and then have a chat with them explaining what they can expect after treatment. we do a mockup either on their photographs, study models or sometimes even on their mouth and show the expected outcome and proceed with the procedure only if they are satisfied. however, this mockup may not be possible in all treatments thereby leaving a gap between expectations and outcome of the treatment. 

6. Apart from the fact that they want to look good is it also true that some to be bride/grooms come to hide the fact that they chew tobacco? Do smokers come often? 

Yes, there are some patients who want us to just remove the tobacco stains for the occasion. However, they’ll not be able to hide those stains for long if they don’t quit the habit.

8. How long do the effects of the treatment last? 

Results of some procedures like gum contouring, tooth reshaping, orthodontic treatment are permanent whereas procedures like teeth whitening are temporary, the teeth may return to original colour after 2 to 3 years depending on patients’ food habits and other habits like tobacco use. 

9. Do you have something called smile evaluation? what’s the procedure?

Yes, we do take pre-treatment photographs, radiographs and make models of patient’s dentition. We compare it with the ideals/gold standards make calculations and then arrive at a treatment plan. sometimes we make use of certain software for smile designing. 

10. What would be the approximate cost of bridal dentistry?

As mentioned earlier in this section, bridal dentistry can involve many treatments. Not everyone would require all the treatment and hence the cost of bridal dentistry may vary from person to person based on the treatment done. has been practising bridal dentistry from many.

11. Which dental clinic in Mysore is good for Bridal Dentistry?

Dental Planet has been practising bridal dentistry from many years. They have experienced and well-trained dentists from all the specialities to deliver you the best possible smile.

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