Why are children’s teeth yellow?


Why are children’s teeth yellow?


Know why children’s teeth are yellow.

Is yellowish discolouration of teeth natural or hereditary? Find the answers to these by the pointers listed below:

If your child is about 6-7 years old, their permanent teeth which erupt after the milk teeth are shed may look slightly yellow this is because dentin (the layer underneath the enamel or the outermost layer), which is more yellowish in colour and they lighten with time as the tooth calcifies.

Apart from this, tooth development disorders that may cause yellow tooth discolouration are as follows:


  When children younger than 8 years old or pregnant women use tetracycline antibiotics, the medication may bind to the developing teeth and staining the inner layers of the tooth which then oxidizes, turning the tooth from yellow to a darker brown. 


   Poor Oral Hygiene

If your child is not brushing twice a day, the plaque and stains which calcify to become yellow deposits named calculus will accumulate on the teeth resulting in discolouration. Especially in children that have orthodontic braces, as it becomes more difficult to maintain oral hygiene with orthodontic fixtures. Hence, it is crucial to develop a strict oral hygiene regime.


Enamel abnormalities   

Weak or Thin Enamel Due to Genetic Factors showcases the underlying yellow dentin giving it an overall yellow discolouration. Conditions like enamel hypoplasia and Amelogenesis Imperfecta may cause yellow discolouration. This genetic disorder results in thin and soft tooth enamel.

To help avoid the yellow teeth discolouration and to keep your child’s teeth healthy, parents should encourage the child to follow good oral hygiene instructions. An appropriate treatment plan will be evaluated when consulted with a paediatric dentist regarding the discolouration.


This article is written by Dr.Neda Naveed who is an associate dentist at Dental Planet Mysore