Tips for maintaining Kids’ teeth


Tips for maintaining Kids’ teeth.

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As parents, it is always a challenge to understand children’s health issues. Dental health is no exception. Most of the parents are ignorant of their children’s dental health. Here in this article, we try to explain a few tips for maintaining kids’ dental health. 

 When should we start brushing Kids’ teeth?

The teeth should be brushed as soon as it erupts in the mouth. Cleaning the gum pads can start even before the teeth erupt. That can keep the mouth healthy

Why should we clean the milk teeth?

Many parents ask us why should we clean the milk teeth as it falls off in a few years? This question is also asked for treating the milk teeth. It is very important to have healthy teeth during the growth period. It helps in proper chewing of food and aids in providing good nutrition to the body. Also if the milk tooth gets infected, it would just not cause pain to the child but also may affect the permanent teeth which lie beneath it. 

Which toothbrush should we use for children?

Children’s teeth are smaller in size, their mouth is also very small, so it is advised to use a brush with a smaller head. Also, their gums are very sensitive and fragile, hence it is recommended to use a soft brush. 

Which toothpaste is good for children?

Any fluoridated paste with 600 to 900 ppm is good for children. However, if the child has not learnt to spit the paste, then it would be advised to use non fluoridated toothpaste for such children. The paste which has a foaming or lathering agent called sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) is not recommended for children or even for adults. It is recommended that you use SLS free toothpaste. Also, the abrasive content present in the toothpaste should be minimal. If you still have concerns, ask your dentist, he/she will be able to recommend which is the right toothpaste for you. 

Is it safe for children to get dental treatment done?

Yes, it is safe for children to get the treatment done. Pedodontists are specially trained to treat children and children who are difficult to manage are best treated by Pedodontists. 

Should I allow my child to brush on her/his own?

Children need assistance for brushing until they develop dexterity. You can let them brush, but you can recheck whether they have brushed properly and if required you can brush their teeth. 

How often should I take my child to a dental clinic?

Many a time you will not be able to notice small decay on the teeth or in-between the teeth. Your dentist will be able to recognize it and treat it before it becomes big and poses complications. 

My child sucks thumb will it pose any problem to the teeth?

Thumbsucking is one of the common habits which a child develops for many reasons. It does affect the development of jaw bone and may pose a problem to the appearance of the child later on. Similarly other habits like mouth breathing, tongue thrusting are other few habits which can affect the teeth and jawbones. We shall discuss it in detail in another blog. In short, if you see your child is having any of the habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing, you can always consult your dentist. 
If you have any questions on children’s dental health, please post it in the comments section below. We would be glad to answer it.