Which children’s teeth fall out?


 Which children’s teeth fall out?

As parents, we would be curious to know which are the children’s’ teeth which fall out. A child’s baby teeth (milk teeth) typically begin to erupt  around 3 months of age.

The milk teeth begin to loosen and fall out at about the age of 6 years to make space for permanent teeth. However, sometimes this can be delayed in a few children by a year. All the teeth don’t fall out at the same time.

Children’s have a set of 20 milk teeth, 5 teeth on each side

All these 20 teeth fall out at various times throughout childhood

The first baby teeth to fall out are typically the two bottom front teeth and the two top front teeth and next would be the rest

The 6thteeth that develop is the permanent teeth which do

not fall out(shed)

From 6-12 years of age the children have a mixture of adult teeth (permanent) and baby(milk)) teeth.

 The milk tooth usually doesn’t loosen until the permanent tooth under it has started to push the milk tooth out of the socket. Once the tooth starts to loosen, it will take up to a few weeks for that tooth to fall out.


Can we pull the tooth out?

The best thing to do with a loose milk tooth is to wait for it to fall out on its own. It can be wiggled (we all did it as kids, remember?), but it is not advisable to be pulled on because it can lead to infection.

Will a loose tooth hurt my child?

The child might feel a little tingling sensation and notice slight bleeding when it falls out. The pain and bleeding will eventually stop


What if my child’s teeth don’t fall according to the timeline?


Don’t panic!! If the teeth don’t fall out according to the scheduled age you can visit a child’s dentist

This article is contributed by Dr.Sania Sattar, Associate Dentist at Dental Planet, Mysore

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