Dental Implants

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the best option to get missing teeth replaced. We can replace either one tooth or multiple teeth with the help of dental implants. These are titanium material which is placed in the jawbones and the teeth are built with the support of these titanium screws. 


What are the advantages of Dental Implants?

With Dental Implants we need not have to touch the adjacent teeth for support.

Since it is fixed to the dental implants it works like natural teeth. 

There is no fear of loosening of the teeth if maintained well. 

It looks like natural teeth so it is more aesthetic, even if it is placed in the front tooth region.


How many implants do I need to replace all my teeth?

If all the teeth are lost, the missing teeth can be replaced by either all-on-6 or all-on-8 concept. 

In all-on-6 concept, three implants are used in either arch (upper and lower) and with the support of these three implants the denture is fixed to the jaw.

Similar to all-on-6, in all-on-8 concept, four implants are placed in either arch to support the denture. 


Are implants harmful?

There is enough evidence to suggest that implants are very safe and the chances of rejection are very rare.


Is the Implant procedure painful?

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia and the patient would not feel any pain during the procedure. In fact, the procedure is simpler than removing the tooth. After the procedure, the patient may experience discomfort for a few days which can be easily managed by pain killers if needed


How long is the procedure?

For placing the implant, it would take anywhere between half an hour to one hour. For placing the tooth over the implants, we may have to wait for the implant to heal. This may take 3 to 4 months. However, there are options to immediately place the tooth over the implants.


Is this procedure available in Mysore?

Yes, Dental Planet is a centre for Dental Implants. Our specialist Dr.Avinash is the specialist Implantologist who has experience of over 17 years in Dentistry. 

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