Root Canal Treatment

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When is Root Canal Treatment required?

Dental decay leads to cavities. When the cavities become deep, it touches the pulp of the teeth. The pulp is the place where your blood vessels and nerves of the teeth are present. This pulp extends to the roots of the teeth which is called as a root canal. Once the decay touches the pulp, it becomes dead. It may get infected and may cause severe pain and sometimes swelling. It is then the requirement for root canal treatment arises.

What is the procedure of Root Canal Treatment?

During root canal treatment, the decayed portion of the teeth is cleaned up and the dead pulp of the teeth is removed completely and cleaned. After cleaning, it is filled with a filling material ( usually gutta percha) in the root portion and a much harder material on the outer portion of the teeth.

Do we need to place a cap/crown after root canal treatment?

If the decay is very big and much of tooth structure is lost, then cap would be required.

What are the type of caps/crowns?

There are many materials which can be used to place the caps/crowns. These are few of the materials used for placing caps

  • Zirconia
  • Stainless steel
  • Porcelain
  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • Gold
Is root canal treatment required in cases of trauma?

Sometimes the teeth become dead due to any external injury as in cases of road traffic accidents or in cases of assault. In such cases root canal treatment may be required.

Will gum diseases require root canal treatment?

Gum diseases will not require root canal treatment. In gum diseases there is a procedure called as root planing. However, if gum diseases are severe sometimes the tip of the root can get affected and may require root canal treatment.

Will X-rays be required during root canal treatment?

Yes, some X-rays will be required before and during the root canal treatment to make sure the filling is properly done.

How many appointments will be required for root canal treatment?

If the tooth has an active infection, we may require minimum of 2 appointments to complete the root canal treatment. However, if the tooth is asymptomatic and does not have any infection then one appointment may be sufficient.

Will it hurt during root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment will be done under local anaesthesia. The entire area would have become numb so it will be absolutely painless during root canal treatment.

Will the cap be placed immediately after root canal treatment?

It would be ideal to wait for few days after root canal treatment before placing the cap.

Is root canal treatment expensive?

Keeping in mind the utility of the tooth after the root canal treatment, the cost of root canal treatment and cap is meagre.

Is root canal treatment still possible if only the roots are remaining?

If the tooth is severely destructed it may not be advisable to do root canal treatment.

Who will perform Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment can be performed by any dentist. However, Endodontist is a specialist who specializes in performing root canal treatment. An Pedodontist can perform root canal treatment for children.

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Is Root Canal Treatment done at Dental Planet?

Yes, We have visiting experienced Endodontists who will perform Root Canal Treatment. You need to take prior appointment for RCT.