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Dental Planet – Centre for Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry

Mysuru, Vijayanagar Dental Planet

No374, New Kalidasa Road

Vijayanagar, Near MUDA Complex,Mysore-570017

Timings: 10:00 AM to 08:30 PM 

Frequently asked questions  on Braces/Orthodontic Treatment
  1. Who can get orthodontic treatment done?

    Anyone who have crooked teeth, the spacing between the teeth, crowding of teeth, open bite, the deep bite can get the braces treatment done

  2. When should one start the treatment?
    Braces treatment is usually started once all the permanent teeth have appeared in the mouth (about 13 years of age). However, there are many interceptive treatment procedures wherein, if started at an early age, we can prevent many of the alignment problems at a later age.
  3. I missed getting my braces when I was young, can I get it now?
    Yes, the treatment technology is so advanced that adult orthodontics has gain popularity. We will be able to treat even if they are over 50 years of age. 
  4. How long will be the treatment?
    Orthodontic treatment generally takes about 12 months to 18 months on an average. The duration depends on the complexity of the treatment. Age also determines the duration of the treatment. In teenagers, the treatment may finish soon whereas in adults the treatment duration may be longer
  5. Will it hurt during treatment?
    The Orthodontist will be placing braces and wire on your teeth and will be tightening it or changing the wire every month. There will be some discomfort and pain initially which will gradually reduce. 
  6. Are there any food restrictions during braces
    Sticky food needs to be avoided during braces treatment. Also, it is recommended not to bite hard food from front teeth to avoid breakage of the braces.
  7. Will any of my teeth be removed during braces treatment?
    Removing teeth depends on the treatment. If there is severe crowding of the teeth, we may have to remove a few teeth in order to push the remaining treatment back and align the teeth perfectly
  8. Will I be able to brush my teeth properly?
    Your dentist will teach you the correct brushing technique as well as techniques to clean in between the wires and braces. If you follow the instructions correctly, you will be able to clean your teeth properly
  9. Will I have to wear retainers after the treatment?
    In order to prevent the teeth coming back to its’ original position (relapse),  your dentist will advise you to wear retainers at least for 6 months. Nowadays a permanent retainer is placed on the inner aspect of the teeth in order to retain the teeth in the new perfect position. 
  10.  Are there any alternatives for braces?
    Clear aligners/Invisalign are alternatives for braces. Please click here to know more about Invisalign.  

If you have more questions reach us by email at info@mydentalplanet.com.