Mouth Breathing – Is it harmful?

Is Mouth Breathing Normal?

Mouth breathing dental planetIs Mouth Breathing Normal?

Breathing is one of the body’s vital functions and under normal conditions, breathing takes place through the nose. A healthy individual normally breathes through the nose while at rest or while doing light exercises, and breathes simultaneously through the nose and mouth during physical exertion like sports activity or strenuous exercises. Mouth breathing is when an individual stops breathing through the nose and begins through the mouth. Mouth breathing is one of the abnormal oral habits. Mouth breathing is commonly seen in adults but if noticed in children, then it can result in severe irreparable malformation within the dentofacial region

What are the causes of Mouth Breathing?

Some of the causes of mouth breathing are

  • Chronic allergies
  • Enlarged tonsils
  • Enlarged adenoids (adenoids are tonsil like glands located at the back of the nose which provides some protection from infection)
  • Nasal obstructions
  • Presence of short upper lip etc

What are the consequences of Mouth breathing?

Mouth breathing will make the face grow long and narrow. Once this facial form is established it is not possible to change. So before the habit becomes permanently rooted and starts having its effects on the facial form it has to be intercepted. Apart from worsening the facial form, mouth breathing habit has the following effects on the teeth and other structures of the mouth.

  • Forwardly placed upper front teeth
  • Gap or space between upper front teeth
  • Gap or space between the front teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Gummy smile
  • Altered speech
  • Inflammation of the gums resulting in gum disease/bleeding gums

Not only these, but mouth breathing is also an invitation to various microorganisms, dust and polluted particles in the surrounding environment to the mouth which can make the individual susceptible to various infections.

Is there any treatment for correcting mouth breathing?

Yes, treatment for mouth breathing is available and can be beneficial for children if the condition is treated early. Since the children are in growing stages, there are chances that the facial deformity might be reversed with the aid of simple appliances which might control and aid in bone growth.

So, if your child is having mouth breathing habit visit your dentist or a healthcare professional, who has knowledge about mouth breathing and get it corrected at the earliest. Remember it is very important to intercept the habit at the early stage as it has a very strong influence on the facial form. Seeking treatment for mouth breathing can significantly improve the quality of life

Which dental specialist can treat mouth breathing?

Orthodontist or Pedodontist can treat children and adolescents with mouth breathing habit. 

Is treatment for mouth breathing done at Dental Planet?

Yes, we have specialist Orthodontist Dr.Bhagyalakshmi A, who is also a breathe healthy consultant who will be treating patients with mouth breathing habit

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