How to get rid of gum pigmentation?

How do you get rid of pigmentation on gums/gingiva?


how to get rid of gum pigmentation






Have you been wondering how to get rid of gum pigmentation? 

Gums/gingiva are the pink tissue which surrounds the teeth. Usually, the colour of the gums are pink (coral pink to be precise). However, many of them have their gums black/brown. The reason for the gums to be black is because of a pigment called melanin. The melanin is the same pigment which gives brown/black colour to the skin. If the amount of melanin pigment in the skin is in proportionate with the amount present in the gums it would be esthetically matching. However, in some of them, the amount of melanin pigmentation is present in larger quantities in gums than their skin. This would cause a mismatch of the colour of skin and gums and would affect the esthetics of the smile. Luckily there are treatments which can reduce the gum pigmentation. Here are few FAQs on gum pigmentation and how to get rid of it.

1. Is gum depigmentation aesthetic procedure?

Yes, gum depigmentation is an aesthetic procedure, it is part of smile designing. Once the depigmentation is done, the gums look pink and healthy.

2. Does it mean black gums are unhealthy?

No, Merely having black gums does not mean it is unhealthy. It is only excessive melanin pigmentation which causes gums to appear black. If your skin complexion is black and it matches with your gum colour then it does not pose any esthetic issues

3. Who needs to get gum/gingival depigmentation procedure?

Anyone whose skin complexion is lighter and the colour of gums are darker can undergo gum depigmentation procedure.

4. How is gum depigmentation done?

There are many techniques by which gum depigmentation can be done. It is a very minor surgical procedure under local anaesthesia. Few of the techniques are the scalpel technique, electrosurgery, chemical surgery, cryosurgery, bur abrasion technique, and LASER depigmentation. Though there are so many techniques, all these procedures will remove the melanin pigmentation from the gums.

5. Is the procedure painful?

Gum depigmentation is done under local anaesthesia where your gums are made numb before the procedure. Hence during the procedure, it would be absolutely painless. With the equipment like laser, it would be even more comfortable to undergo gum depigmentation procedure.

6. Will I have to take medications after the procedure?

Your dentist may prescribe you mild painkillers after the procedure. You may have to take it for 2 or 3 days.

7. Is gum depigmentation permanent? Will the pigmentation come back?

Gums being soft tissue has constant turnover. Which means that new tissue keeps forming from beneath and hence there are high chances of the melanin pigmentation reappearing on the gums. The rate of recurrence depends on the technique which was performed for depigmentation. Studies have shown that LASER depigmentation took longer time to recur when compared to other techniques used for performing depigmentation. With LASER depigmentation it might recur after 2 to 3 years. The procedure may have to be repeated every 2 to 3 years.

8. How long does it take for the gums to heal after the depigmentation procedure?

It might take about 15 to 20 days for the gums to heal after depigmentation procedure.

9. Does the procedure harm the gums?

If it is performed carefully with proper planning, the procedure is safe.

10. Who is the specialist who performs gum depigmentation?

Periodontist, who otherwise is known as gum surgeon is the specialist who is trained to perform gum surgeries including gum depigmentation. Other general dentists who are trained to perform gum depigmentation can also perform the procedure.

11. Is gum depigmentation done at Dental Planet?

Yes, gum depigmentation at Mysore is done by Dr.Avinash at Dental Planet. He is a Periodontist and esthetic dentist with experience of over 17 years in Dentistry. He has performed many gum depigmentation procedures till date. Dental Planet is equipped with soft tissue lasers and this is the prefered technique adopted for gum depigmentation.