Will teeth Whitening remove Tartar?

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Will teeth Whitening remove Tartar?

Know whether teeth whitening removes Tartar?


No, It does not.

Tartar also called calculus is the plaque that calcifies on the tooth. These hard deposits trap stains on the teeth and can only be removed by a dental professional by a procedure named Scaling. Most patients often get confused between these procedures. However, the goals of each are very different.


Teeth whitening procedure

Teeth whitening or bleaching is a cosmetic procedure which whitens the teeth to enhance natural tooth colour and lighten it unlike scaling which preserves the natural tooth shade by only cleaning the teeth in order to get rid of the tartar.

Here’s to why Pre-cleaning or scaling is ideally required before teeth whitening procedures:

·      In order to have a longer-lasting effect, most patients are advised to spot clean any stained areas before overall teeth whitening.

·      Scaling(teeth cleaning) before whitening helps to remove tartar, thus making bleaching more effective. 

·      Consultation post-cleaning will help a dental professional  guarantee that whitening won’t affect any of the existing restorations or fillings.

·      Tartar may not allow the teeth to whiten in all areas, resulting in uneven colouring further enhancing the teeth whitening uniformity.

·  If whitening is performed while gums are inflamed due to calculus along or under the gumline, the yellowing around the gums will not be addressed.

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Relapse after teeth whitening 

However, it should be noted that teeth whitening Just like other cosmetic procedures require touch-ups to maintain its prolonged effect and it does not offer a permanent solution to retained tooth discolouration.

With time, teeth are very likely to get darker with time naturally as a result of stains and tartar. The benefit of scaling at every half year, the interval is that it should be able to eliminate the need for frequent teeth whitening…

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