Which Invisalign tray hurts the most?



Know which Invisalign try hurts the most. Invisalign are an alternative to conventional orthodontic treatment( metal braces). These aligners (trays) help you improve your smile. They are made of Invisalign’s own blend of plastic and manufactured based on the impression of your mouth.

 Most commonly asked question about Invisalign is are they painful/ do they hurt?

While hurt is a strong word to use. These aligners might cause mild discomfort or soreness

 How long do you wear Invisalign a day?

Each set of aligners should be worn for 20 to 22 hours a day, new set is worn after 1-2 weeks or as directed by your Dentist and take them of only while brushing and eating.

 Invisalign fit

The discomfort is noticed in the first few days of the first set of aligners while wearing the aligners or when you take them out to eat or clean

Changing Invisalign aligners

These trays hurt during the first few days of the new cycle.

New set of aligners means new tooth movement, this is when the pressure is at its greatest

When Will the Aligner Pain Stop?

The discomfort reduces within one or two days. As the pressure and tooth movement decreases, and the feeling of tightness reduces

 What if I discontinue wearing Invisalign aligners in between?

When a patient tries to wear the aligners after a break from the treatment, the aligners may cause tenderness and pressure due to ill-fitting aligner

 Do retainers hurt?

Retainers are the passive aligners given after the Invisalign treatment to hold your teeth in place and prevent relapse

These retainers do not hurt or cause any discomfort as they do not exert any pressure on any parts of the teeth